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                               Chapter 2. README

   Although it's very easy to download files BitTorrent, distributing your
   own files via BitTorrent yourself is not a comparatively straightforward
   process. You need to carefully generate .torrent metainfo files, start a
   tracker process, then start a seeder process for each individual .torrent
   file. EZtorrent combines all of this into one, easy step. Here's a "Quick
   Start" version of how easy it is to distribute BitTorrent content with

     * Download and install BitTorrent according to its instructions.

     * Download EZtorrent, unpack the source code, run ./configure, make, and
       make install. See the INSTALL file for more information.

     * Run the following commands:

       ezt create mytorrents /var/www/html/torrents /var/mytorrents \  
       # Now, copy some files into /var/mytorrents                     
       ezt start     # Or "ezt restart", if ezt is already running     

   That's it. ezt reads a list of all the files in /var/mytorrents. For each
   file, a corresponding .torrent file is created and placed in
   /var/www/html/torrents. Presumably this directory is published over the
   web with Apache, or some other HTTP server, where others can find them.
   Then, ezt starts a tracker process running on TCP port 6969 (the above
   example uses as the DNS name of the machine running
   EZtorrent). Finally, ezt starts a seeder for each .torrent file.

   New files can be added to, or removed from, /var/mytorrents at any time.
   After adding or removing files, run "ezt restart". ezt takes care of
   creating any new .torrents that need to be created, removing any obsolete
   .torrents of removed files, and starting or stopping the corresponding
   seeders. It is also possible to create different directories for different
   sets of files. You just need to specify a separate TCP port for each
   directory; ezt also takes care of starting (or stopping) a separate
   tracker process for each configured directory and port.

   Although this is all that you need to know about using EZtorrent, be sure
   to review some additional important information in INSTALL and NEWS files,
   and EZtorrent's manual page.


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                         Chapter 4. Download EZtorrent

   Download the latest release of EZtorrent from The release
   tarballs are signed with GPG keys from

   Home page:

   To subscribe to the eztorrent-users mailing list, go to, or send an
   E-mail to  and put
   "subscribe" into the Subject: header.


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