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Web Wiz Forums Select Database

Web Wiz Forums has four different database options, please read each one carefully as the type of database that you choose is important as you can not change the type of database you are using once you begin using your forum.

If you are using a 'Hosting Account' then check with your hosting provider which database type your hosting account supports.

Select from the list below which database type you wish to use.

Select Database
Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008/2012
This is the best performing version of Web Wiz Forums. With it's advanced paging it can easily cope with huge busy forums with over 100,000 members and millions of posts.
Microsoft SQL Server 2000
The SQL Server 2000 version is without the advanced paging found in two versions above. This version is able to cope very well with busy forums.
MySQL 4.1 or above
mySQL is an excellent database for Web Wiz Forums. This version also includes the advanced paging found in the SQL Server 2005/2008 version and is able to cope with huge busy forums with ease.
Microsoft Access
Although simple to setup, Access is only supported for test installations and not in the production environment. Access is a desktop database and is often unable to cope in a production environment leading to database corruption issues.
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